June 16 - Indigo Dye!

Dress down for this one folks, it may get messy!

This week in the clubhouse we're going to be playing with indigo dye! Once called blue gold, this oldest of dyes was a rare luxury. You are all familiar with the synthetic version of the indigo plant that is used to dye our blue jeans. The natural version of this process holds a little bit of funk and a little bit of magic.

We'll explore some resist methods and some techniques borrowed from the japanese tradition of Shibori, to create patterns on our fabric.

We'll provide the dye bath, gloves and pieces of white cotton muslin. Bring your own white fabric or a t-shirt to dye if you'd like. Make sure it is 100% plant or animal fibers (cotton, silk, wool, etc), no synthetics for this one.


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