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Steamroller Print 2017

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Reservations Until:09/10/2017
Starts on:08/27/2017
Ends on:10/15/2017


We love to work large and create a spectacle while we're at it. You can too if you join us for Steamroller printing 2017!

For the uninitiated, Steamroller Printing is an absurd and fun process by which we create 4 foot by 8 foot woodcuts and print them in the street in front of our store with a steamroller. Yes, a real steamroller. It's a great opportunity to work large, make new friends and use heavy equipment to make art. 

We will be printing the blocks October 13-15, and hosting a watch party October 14th - that's the day to invite your friends out to witness the spectacle...

If you are interested but inexperienced, don't be scared,
we welcome beginners as well as old hands at printmaking...


What you get:

• a 40"x96" block to cut
• a set of 7 NIJI student grade woodcarving tools
• 2 pencils
• ink for your two prints
• a Five in One Social Club printing apron
• beginner to advanced instruction, critique, and camaraderie
• an air-conditioned, well lit studio for 6 weeks of carving your block
• a team of hardworking new friends to help you print your giant block
• a steamroller - duh

You are responsible for providing the fabric for your prints - we've found that everyone likes different colors, patterns, and even types of fabric. We will discuss the different types of material that will work for printing. Plan on spending $5-$15 per print for your fabric.

Additional prints of your block are $40 each, as time allows.

In addition to your edition of two prints, we will make one print of your block for the Five in One print collection using our standard white muslin.

You will have the opportunity to sell prints of your block on our website, if you wanna.

The fine print - Please review carefully before registering:
Yes, you're totally going to have to drive the steamroller.  Actually, no. We're not crazy people willing to let just any whackadoo operate heavy machinery.  But you will get to hang out with it for a whole weekend and make lots and lots and lots of giant fabric prints.
The Clubhouse will be open for carving your blocks twice a week.  Sunday afternoons (1p-5p) and another weekday evening that we will decide on together, starting August 27th. As print day approaches, we will open up additional cutting hours. You may come to or skip as many of these sessions as you like or need - we don't take attendance.
We'll be printing all-day October 13-15. Please plan on printing with us at least 2 of those days - all three days is preferred. Printing with a steamroller is a team effort, so be prepared to print more than just your own block. We start the printing days at noon and start cleanup at 10p. They are long days but we promise that when you're done you'll be an old pro with big muscles and new besties. We will provide lunch on print days. Everyone likes pickled herring, right?

We will accept new registrations until September 17 - three weeks is more than enough time to finish a block...If you are worried about getting it done, you are welcome to bring friends to cut with you. Your block can be a team effort. Don't wait too long to sign up, this workshop will sell out!